Wednesday, April 23, 2008

(Salad) Sandwiches

Tuesday are Devin's late nights going from work to mutual and then home around 9:00. So, we did a simple dinner of egg salad sandwiches. I was vegetarian for several years and have never really enjoyed eggs, but for some reason I can't pass up an egg salad sandwich. They always look tasty to me. Chicken salad for that matter too. Anyone have a good recipe for those?


Amanda said...

Yummy, I haven't thought about salad sandwiches in a while.

I keep my chicken salad pretty simple but I love to put in halved (or quartered) red grapes, they add a nice sweet touch without being overpowering. I do everything by sight or to taste but it is chicken, mircle whip, red grapes. It is also really good with chopped walnuts and would be nice wrapped in lettuce leaves.

I haven't made egg salad in quite awhile but the last time I did make it I subsituted celery seed for the celery I normally add. It was pretty good but needs some more tweaking.

Meggan said...

MIss, I have no idea how to make an egg salad sandwich. Can you enlighten me?

I'm 100% serious here.

Missy said...

Great! Chicken salad sandwiches are on our menu this week in croissants.

Megg, egg salad sandwiches are really tasty. And so easy. I do probably the most basic recipe from Becky's grandma growing up (we used to eat them at her house):

hard boiled eggs
lawry's seasoning salt
salt and pepper

You can add things like celery to make it crunchy, but I don't. I keep it super simple. I don't like it super wet with the mayo and mustard so I just do it until I like the texture of it.