Thursday, April 24, 2008

The "Rachel" Sandwich

Not the best photo, I was hungry, but I threw some chips on and the salad is in the background

I grabbed this recipe from This Week For Dinner. It's called the Rachel sandwich, sister to the classic Reuben sandwich and much preferred in our house!

Whole wheat bread
Deli turkey
Swiss Cheese
Thousand Island dressing

Get yourself some really good bread. I bought organic whole wheat, but a nine grain is sounding especially good right now too. Rye is a classic, if your taste buds agree to it.

Layer your sandwich with thousand island dressing, deli turkey, swiss cheese, and coleslaw. Grill on the stove and you're done. So easy. And they are really fresh and light so Devin ate two and I probably could have as well...

Served with pita chips and tomato, avocado, mozzrella salad (below).

*The recipe calls for coleslaw, but I only had sliced carrots and cabbage so I went with it and it turned out really tasty still.

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