Tuesday, October 09, 2007

cheese sandwiches

I made a simple meal on Sunday, but it was tasty. I bought the Trader Joe's Tomato Soup (which is good!) and made cheese sandwiches and had salad's on the side. I love cheese sandwiches with sourdough bread and really good cheese. I love swiss and cheddar, but Grueye would be pretty good too.

Sliced sourdough bread
Sharp cheddar cheese
Baby swiss cheese

Butter one side on a slice of sourdough bread and place on the frying pan on the stove. Place cheese on top and other slice of bread (with butter on top ready to flip) and grill.

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tonya said...

This is one of my favorite Fall meals, too, Missy. I love TJ's Roasted Tomato soup. I wish my kids were bigger soup eaters.