Sunday, May 11, 2008

BBQ Teriyaki Salmon

I had this at my parents house a few weeks ago...delicious.

I bought the wild caught salmon (better for you than farm raised) and marinated it in teriyaki sauce overnight. These are key. Get yourself a cedar board (pack of three at BBQ Galore) and bbq it on low for about 20 minutes. Guaranteed new favorite way to cook salmon.

*The cedar boards are a one time use only and you must soak it in water (submerged) for at least two hours before putting on bbq.


tonya said...

The best cedar planked salmon has to be at Gulfstream in Newport. I'll have to try this do it yourself version. Certainly it will save me a few bucks.

Missy said...

Yes, try it Ton. It turned out really good. I forgot to add that you don't need to flip the salmon (on the board). And cooking it on low makes the teriyaki and cedar flavor really soak in. It's great (and super easy).