Friday, February 02, 2007


Ton, I made this tonight and it turned out more like soup than chili. Did yours? And when you wrote low-fat, you meant it. I think I need a fattier version. Or maybe I just plain cooked it wrong. Any advice? Or another white bean chili?


kelli said...

Missy, I'll have to give you my recipe to white bean chile. I really liked it.

Hint: my sister adds a bit of masa (corn flour) mixed with water- making a paste- to chile to thicken it.

Ton said...

Yeah, sorry, "chili" is a bit of a misnomer. It's more like a stoup. (Thicker soup) The trick maybe the kind of broth you are using. It makes or breaks a meal like this. I have been using the "better than broth" from Trader Joes. It is concentrated, and comes in a little glass jar. It has a great flavor. Also, did you use the sour cream and cilantro? That really adds another layer of flavor.

Missy said...

That may have been my problem. I didn't realize until TODAY (Sunday) that I forgot to add the limes and sour cream. Bummer.

I used the Organic Range Free broth that comes in the container at Trader Joes. Maybe I should look for yours.

Kelli, can I feature you as a guest blogger if you send me the recipe?

Lillie said...

Missy, yeah I just barely discovered that homemade chili jumps up like ten knotches when you stir in sour cream. Even fat free sour cream does the trick.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

and cheese! I have a chili that is almost exact to this one, but at the end you add a dallop or two of sour cream, for the YUM cream factor, and a handful of either pepperjack or monterey jack cheese..the cheese thickens each bite and, with the sour cream is the KEY to this recipe I think.