Wednesday, February 21, 2007


That means "Missing In Action" - we haven't heard from foodie bloggers Lynne, Leah and Michelle in quite some time. I'm going to take you off for the time being and feature you as a guest blogger when you have a recipe to share. Thanks!


Missy said...

Are you cool with this? Nobody responded. Shall I put you back on?

Brandon or Michelle. said...

this is michelle...that's fine...turns out I like to use recipes more than share them. thanks for letting me sneak peaks. :)

sorry for not responding earlier..been visiting family, and therefore not so addicted to blogging.

Meggan said...

I agree, if you don't post, you're banned. Technically that means I should be off the list, but I AM still going to post some recipes when I remember my password and figure out blogger vs. wordpress. And once I can get Cox to cooperate and not keep dropping my internet connection.

Way to take the lead Miss.

Missy said...

No, it's not "banned" just taken off the contributor list for a moment.

We need both sharers and receivers Michelle so if you have any one's that you want to share please email me and I can either put you back on or put you as a guest:)