Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dinner List

Thanks to all of those that have been posting. I've been behind in my postings for recipes. We have been eating dinner so I have no excuse. Not just dinner, but I think I'll post some lunch or breakfast recipes also. Next week is General Conference, which means a bigger breakfast. Maybe waffles? Anyway, we're having the missionaries over this week for dinner so I think I better step up and make something other than my usual pizza and tacos. I'm thinking I'll try to make the Chinese Chicken Salad below that Ashley posted. I've had the Costco one, but the homemade one sounds even better. Ok, better go. But, expect some recipes from me. And I'll be checking some from you.

Congrats to our fellow contributor Tonya! She had a baby boy on September 18th. Yea Ton! We won't expect recipes from you anytime soon...even though you are the best cook out of all of us.

Happy Sunday!

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Heather said...

I'd love lunch ideas! Hate to say it but I've had enough Togo's!