Thursday, September 14, 2006

Apple-Cheddar Quesadillas

Apple-Cheddar Quesadillas

I got this recipe off and really like it!


whole wheat tortillas
apple, thinly sliced (whatever kind of apple you like)
cheddar cheese, grated (or whatever kind of cheese you want)
butter or cooking spray

Sprinkle some cheese on one half of a tortilla, add apple slices, then sprinkle some more cheese. Fold the tortilla over that half. Melt the butter in a frying pan over med-med high heat and then place the folded tortilla in the pan. Cook until one side is golden brown and cheese is melting, flip to the other side and brown it too. When both sides are brown and cheese is melted, it's done. Enjoy!

I love quesadillas and think this is a delicious variation on the regular thing! I like the crunch and taste of the apples with the cheese!

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