Monday, June 09, 2008

Taking Food to Others...

I took dinner to a family in my ward tonight, but I had a difficult time deciding what to take. Something that universally most people like. I always have a tough time with this actually. What do you usually take to people? Do you have a list of a few things you take and rotate it or do you just take what you were planning on making (just doubled or tripling the cooking?).

I ended up taking potato salad, watermelon, carrot sticks, chicken legs and some of those Hawaiian rolls with a carton of Breyers ice cream for dessert. I wanted to take some of the Trader Joe's brownie bites, but just didn't make it there today.

Just curious...


tonya said...

Oh, Missy, this is a GREAT question. I always wonder what other people take. Some of my faves to take are:

-French dips
-homemade lasagna
-kalua pork
-jerked chicken sandwiches
-homemade chicken noodle soup
-pork or chicken tacos

I try to do a crockpot dinner so that I can just make more and feed my family the same dinner. That's easiest for me. Either way, I always make the same dinner for my family, too.

Of course, taking a salad and yummy dessert is a must. I will also do a bread (rolls, cornbread, etc.)

Lindsey said...

I am actually taking dinner to a family next week (my friend is having a baby), so this is well-timed for me!

I am boring and usually stick with lasanga or enchiladas (add a salad, bread, brownies or cookies).

Missy said...

Lasagna is always a great one...I thought about that one, but didn't feel like it myself so went with what I did.

Ton, when you make the sandwiches do you wrap them in foil and take them over to keep them warm? Do you have a chicken tacos recipe?

tonya said...

Missy, when I take French dips, I put the meat and the au jus in a container, and the buns separate. That way, if they don't eat right way, the buns won't get soggy.

I make chicken tacos the same way I do the pork ones. Just cover chicken breasts with salsa in the crockpot. Shred the chicken, put in tortillas, cover with cheese, tomatoes, avocados, cilantro, etc.

Missy said...

Oh, that is great to know. I am going to do the french dip next time since we LOVE those. I'll name it the Tonya if I ever have a sandwich shop. I wasn't sure how to transport them, so thanks!

Heidi said...

Right after I had Max some friends brought us meals and my favorite was just a store bought rotisserie chicken and a delicious couscous dish and a green salad and brownies. Easy to transport too. Some chicken recipe is usually what I take since most people like chicken.

Kelly said...

Funny that you asked because I just took dinner to someone on Monday and it was the recipe you posted below this one! Real Simple Magazine? It was good. She has to have a gluten free diet so it worked great. I also took a fruit salad with it. Normally I would have added bread and some dessert but she couldn't have any of that.

Also take:

homemade soup (winter months)
chicken and rice
roasted whole chicken w/ carrots,onion, pots, sweet pots (so yummy to mash and top with butter and brown sugar)
Easy foil roast (if you haven't heard of it I'll give you the recipe)
baked ziti
chicken pot pie

Those are a few I can think of off the top of my head.

Good question. Love the french dip idea!